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Wholesale Solutions

Logic understands that with the growth of business critical applications, there is a demand for predictable performance on the public wide area network, (WAN). Predictable IP is a cost effective solution offered by Logic, to ensure your clients network can run business applications on your public WAN, without the financial investment of a private WAN service, similar to the ones provided by MPLS/VPLS/IPLC. The predictable IP service ensures predictable performance metric with more control and visibility. Logic’s network will provide predictable latency, predictable uptime, and more importantly, predictable performance for your clients.

Features and Benefits:

  • Predictability for business critical applications:
  • Predictable performance
  • Predictable uptime
  • Predictable latency
  • Cost effective
  • Monitored by Logic’s Network Operations Center 24/7
  • More control, more visibility