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I am connected to my wi-fi router, but my connection is showing no internet access and I am unable to access any websites.

This is the result of disconnection from the ONT device serving the router. While your router is still able to display a signal and allow you to connect to your router, you are unable to connect to the Internet through the network. A reboot of your router should resolve this. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact our Customer Care Team on 745-5555.

I am connected to the internet, but my connection is slow or intermittent.

A slow connection can be a result of a number of things - you may have multiple applications open which is slowing processing down, or your router could be dropping connection to the network causing an intermittent drop in services. Reboot your PC/ device and open a single website i.e. www.google.com. If the same issue is recurring please contact Customer Care on 745-5555 so we can check your network connections. We would also suggest running a proper virus scan and ensure your PC/device is cleaned.