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Generic FAQ's

How do I change my contact information?

You can update your account information by logging into your My Logic account and clicking on “Update Account Information” under the “Your Account” section. Alternatively, you can email changes to support@logic.ky or call Customer Care at 745-5555.

I am moving, how do I change my service to another location?

Call Customer Care at 745-5555 so they can assess whether or not you need to take your set-top boxes with you, and make changes to your account as necessary.

How do I sign up for My Logic Account?

Call Customer Care at 745-5555 to get your pincode, then click on MyLogic and enter the last six digits of your account number followed by your pin-code.

How can I replace a damaged box?

Call Customer Care at 745-5555 or e-mail support@logic.ky to arrange a replacement.

Why do some channels have commercials/programmes in Spanish?

Some of Logic’s programming providers offer one feed for the Caribbean/Latin America, which is why some commercials are in Spanish.

Why do I sometimes see “Channel Upgrade” or “Software Update” on my screen?

A Channel Upgrade or Software Update message will be shown when Logic Engineers have made a change to the system. This does not necessarily mean customers will notice any changes. These are often maintenance updates to our system. If you experience any issues after seeing either of these messages please contact Customer Care.