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What is HDTV?

HDTV stands for High Definition Television. HDTV pictures have roughly 4 times the resolution of standard digital cable, making your pictures more lifelike.

What type of equipment do I need at my home for HDTV?

HDTV television sets are necessary to experience true HDTV quality. Without an HDTV capable television you will merely see standard digital pictures.

Can I view all my regular TV channels through the HDTV converter?

Yes. All of Logic’s channels will be available on the HDTV converter, but only those on the HD Tier will be in HD format.

When will Logic be adding more HDTV channels?

Logic is planning to add additional channels to the HDTV lineup as they become available to us.

What does the tech have to do to install HDTV in my home?

The technician will bring all necessary equipment and swap out all the converters in your home with HDTV converters.

What’s the cost of HDTV?

The cost of Logic’s HDTV Tier is $12 per month, which includes one HDTV box. Additional HDTV converters will be charged at $12 per box per month. There will be an installation fee* for new customers.

* Other install fees may apply.

* Customers must subscribe to the Digital Classic cable package to add HD channels.

Does Logic supply HDMI cables with the HD converters?

Yes! A four to six foot HDMI cable is included. We also have component cables to supply HD signal to your TV if you are unable to use HDMI.