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Got questions about ChatterBox?

We continue to invest in the latest technology and provide fibre Internet all the way into your home. Our Network Operation team proactively monitors the network to maintain maximum performance and uptime so that you always stay connected.

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How do I record my greeting on voicemail ?

Please dial: 345 745-1234 and follow the prompts.
Mail Box #: the telephone number assigned to you including the country code 345.
Password: Default password is set at 1234. You will have the option to change it. Follow the promptsMy ChatterBox

handset is broken; can I get a new one?

ChatterBox handsets come with a 30 day warranty. If the handset stops functioning outside of the warranty period, you will have to purchase a new handset.

I am having problems installing the ChatterBox telephone system. What do I do?

Logic will provide telephone support to assist you in resolving any technical issue. If the problem is network or

internet related, Logic will request that you contact your internet provider to resolve the network problem.

Sometimes I cannot hear or understand the person I am speaking to.

Many small business internet packages have limited upstream capacity. If you sound fine to the party you called, but they are having problems hearing you, that usually indicates an internet upstream capacity issue. Depending on the size of the office, the answer may be purchasing a dedicated internet connection for the ChatterBox system or attempting to better manage internet usage.

Sometimes voices sound choppy on calls.

This is typically a problem with the internet router or bandwidth utilization. Many small home or small business routers need periodic resets. Please reset your internet router and try the call again.

How do I transfer a call to other ChatterBox extensions in my office?

Answer the call, put the call on hold, go to options, choose intercom , select the handset you wish to transfer the call to, press ok, their handset will ring and is answered. Finally go to options and click on transfer to transfer the call.

I have multiple extensions in my office and need to change how they are configured. Who do I call?

Please call 745 5555 and request a change of service on your ChatterBox system. Service requests typically take 24 hours to complete

My phones all display “Unregistered.” What does this mean?

This means that the handsets were unable to reach Logic through the internet. Please check to verify that your internet connection is functioning properly.