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Is Wireless Broadband the same as Fibre?

No, but the speeds offered and product delivered should be equivalent.  This is a wireless service, which transmits signals from a specific cell tower without any wires or cables, a similar method for mobile phone network.  There are many benefits to this type of service – easier setup, quicker restoration after storms, etc. all while delivering the same quality of internet to your home as fibre.

If I have Logic Wireless internet, do I need to do anything to convert to Wireless Broadband?

Yes, please email support@logic.ky or call 745 5555 to speak to a Customer Support Representative for your conversion.

Will there be an option to bundle my current TV service with Wireless Broadband?

Yes, both services can be bundled, see website for more information.

How is wireless broadband installed?

A scheduled technician will be dispatched to install a modem in your home. If required, we may need to also install a small antenna on your roof. The install is quick and easy and this will allow you to start using your service right away.

Is Wireless Broadband available for businesses?

Yes, Wireless Business Broadband will be available to businesses who do not have access to fiber within the broadband coverage area. Please contact business@logic.ky to get started.

Why is this service only available in the eastern districts?

Wireless Broadband is our solution to bringing a reliable internet product quickly to the Eastern Districts as we continue with our fiber build-out project in the rest of Grand Cayman.

Does this mean that the Eastern districts will not get fiber in future?

Not necessarily.  Because our fibre rollout is going from west to east and taking quite a long time due to our reliance on the power company, it could be years before we get to the eastern districts.  Therefore, we decided to launch a wireless broadband internet service to meet the demands of the people today instead of years from now. 

Why is there only two speeds available on this service? 

For now, there are only two speeds offered; we are hoping to have more in future.  In addition, we are planning to increase the speeds going forward.

Why can’t I get a higher bandwidth than 30mbps on this service?

This is only upon launch.  We will offer higher speeds in the future.

How does this service compare to fiber?

Wireless Broadband works by sending signals from our towers to your home, emitting a fast and reliable internet service.   The packages we offer and the service delivered should equate to our fibre service.

Can I bundle my phone with Wireless Broadband and TV?

At this time, phone service will need to be purchased separately, but it is available.