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Local Connect – Internet Service Solutions

Logic offers first class internet service solutions whatever your business needs. Our two internet service options include our Broadband Service, ideal for either primary access to the internet or back-up for an existing connection and Direct Internet Access (DIA) Service. Logic DIA Service is the solution if your business needs to guarantee access speeds to the World-Wide Web.

Broadband Service

Our entry level internet service offers your business an efficient, reliable internet connection at affordable rates. Our broadband plans are offered in a variety of download and upload speeds. Our sales team will be happy to discuss which plan best suit your company’s needs.

We offer the highest upload speeds in the Cayman Islands. Upload speed is critical if you regularly need to send large amounts of data to another location from your business in Cayman.

Business Connect

Tailored to suit the fast-changing needs of your business, Direct Internet Access (DIA) technology gives you a dedicated, symmetrical high-speed Internet connection that is fast, efficient and economical. Logic’s Business Connect Service connects you to the Internet at the same rate for both up and downloading, so your business can send and receive data at the same speed. Business Connect from Logic is ideal for applications such as data replication, video conferencing, video streaming, website hosting, and large file transfers. With a new fiber network infrastructure deployment in George Town, Business Connect is a reliable option independent from any other fiber circuit deployed on island.

Logic offers 24/7 monitoring, support & service.

Higher symmetrical bandwidth services are available upon request.

Now, with Fiber Optic connections available from Logic, speed options are almost limitless.

Talk to our Business team today at 743-4343 or email business@logic.ky