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Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

  1. Logic may establish policies and rules from time to time (collectively, the “Policies”) concerning use of the Service, Equipment and materials or services used in connection therewith. Any use of the Services is subject to the Policies, which Policies form part of this Agreement.

  2. Customer agrees not to use the Services for anything other than Customer’s personal use. For greater certainty, Customer may not resell the Services, provide network access or any other part of the Services to any third party. Customer may not transfer the Services without the prior written consent of Logic. Customer shall use all Logic products and services, including the Services, in accordance, and in compliance, with all applicable laws, regulations, and rules.

  3. Customer agrees to use the Services in accordance with the guidelines, instructions and list of acceptable uses provided by Logic at www.logic.ky, which may be updated from time to time. Conduct that violates this policy includes, but is not limited to, the activities in the following list, when such violations involve or use or are handled by Logic’s network or servers:

    1. use of automatic dialing-announcing devices or automatic dialing devices, which are strictly prohibited, initiating or propagating electronic chain letters, and outbound telemarketing, spam, or mass marketing via e-mail that violates good marketing industry practice as set out in any applicable law, regulation, or recognized industry association guidelines;

    2. use of Services in such a way that would violate Logic’s contracts with its service providers;

    3. giving access to an account, through sharing of passwords or otherwise, to any person other than the assigned user or pre-authorized group users for that account;

    4. using the network to gain unauthorized access to any computer system or to purposely install a virus or any other unauthorized program on any computer system;

    5. unauthorized attempts to circumvent data protection schemes or uncover security loopholes, which includes running programs that are designed to identify security loopholes or decrypt intentionally secure data;

    6. knowingly or recklessly performing an act that will interfere with the normal operation of Logic’s computers, peripherals, or network;

    7. deliberately wasting or overloading Logic’s network or server resources, or those of any other system via Logic;

    8. inappropriate or unsolicited mass mailings or talk requests such as multiple mailings to newsgroups, mailing lists or individuals;

    9. inappropriate posting of commercial or inflammatory material to newsgroups not intended or inappropriate for such postings;

    10. forging communications to make them appear to originate from another person; or,

    11. attempting to monitor or tamper with another user’s electronic communications, or reading, copying, changing or deleting another user’s files or software without the express agreement of the other user.

  4. Customer agrees that, as part of the terms of this Agreement, Customer consents to the provisions of Logic’s privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”). In particular, Customer consents to the collection and use of Customer’s personally identifiable information in the manner more particularly set forth in the Privacy Policy.